Private investigations

These investigations are requested by private citizens who are willing to protect their rights by a judiciary Court and are they performed within several areas: family, patrimonial, matrimonial area and for the seek of missing persons. Private investigations concern the personal and family area and they are handled with high professionalism and confidentiality. The communication of delicate news is also handled with the most suitable tact.

The most common investigations in this domain are:

Matrimonial investigations

Investigations aimed to bring to light behaviors that violate the obligation of marital fidelity. The evidences collected by our team of investigators may be used in a Law Court as asking divorce. It may follow a different amount of the family allowance.

Investigations aimed at monitoring and guard minors

Parenting today can often mean having a little time for children’s supervision. Children run great risks in this life-frame and parents sometimes fail to fulfill their duties. Our agency manages investigations in this field, in order to allow parents to perform their educational function in the best way by having a complete and distinct picture of their children’s behavior and acquaintances;

Child custody investigations

Investigations on the behavior of the custodial parent, aimed to prove the non-fulfillment of his/her duties, as to endanger the safety of the child, both physical and psychological. The evidence collected may be used in a Law Court in order to restate the custody;

Seek of missing persons investigations

Sometimes Security Forces do not fulfill the tracing requests submitted by families, except when it is proven a reduced ability of discernment of the missing person or when he/she is in real danger. It is a consequence of the risks evaluation, which tends to judge the estrangement as willing and aware. Our agency offers high-qualified and trained staff for this specific kind of investigations.

Patrimonial and debt collection-procedures investigations

This kind of investigations aim to track down debtors and defaulters. This procedure also ensures the potential lack of money and/or of goods and properties, including those owned by third parties, in order to proceed to a court order;


Investigation aimed to show that the conduct perpetrated by an individual could be regarded as persecutors in accordance with the Art. 612 bis (Italian Penal Code).