Corporate investigations

Investigations aiming to satisfy the company needs, in order to protect a right also in a Judiciary Court. The international call of Black Rose Investigations places it on a privileged position both for foreign companies that need support in Italy and for those Italians which are willing to work abroad, with the support of risk mapping and by avoiding threats. The aforementioned investigations are in detail: offences from the employees, scientific and technologic know-how protection, patent and trademark protection, identification of practices aimed at unfair competition, products counterfeit, professional betrayal of trust.

The most common investigations in this field are:

Unfair competition

Many competitors try to obtain information in a fraudulent way, by corrupting employees or by a violating security systems. This kind of investigation aims to avoid negative consequences and to identify those accountable of guilt.

Infidelity of partners or employees

These investigations aim to bring to light wrongdoing and harmful actions enacted by shareholders or employees within the company;

Pre-employment Investigations

Investigations aimed at verifying the accuracy and truthfulness of information provided by potential job candidates and their references and professional skills;

Absenteeism in the company

Investigations aimed at verifying the legitimacy of absence from work due to proper reasons, as illness or leave permits under the Act n. 104; Feb. 5, 1992;

Patent and trademark protection

Investigations aimed at detecting third parties that fraudulently violate a patent or use a trademark, with a consequent illegal profit and by causing financial loss.